Why us

MHJ Legal made a deliberate choice to operate as a so called “niche law office”. It turned out that for many companies real estate matters – including its own business accommodation – becomes more important, but does not belong to its core business and should not affect its core business. MHJ Legal lacks the usual overhead costs of big law offices and is therefore able to limit the costs of “the necessary bad”.

For companies that focus on real estate matters, MHJ Legal is a sparring partner that responds swiftly at attractive rates. MHJ Legal does not offer science, unless specifically requested by you. The expert knowledge is otherwise used in a workable way. Because of the available knowledge and experience you, as a client, are always assured from expert assistance without unnecessary delays.

MHJ Legal has broad experience with various clients. At the office many languages are spoken. Business to business is one of the key values because the interests of clients do not stop at legal matters.

Honesty is another key value of MHJ Legal. A client is entitled to a realistic estimation of the chances of legal proceedings, but also to the arguing of the lawyer, the choice of a strategy and the form of charging for the services. We prefer not to work for you, but together with you.